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How does it work?

A simple tool to turn team members into ambassadors

Créez une équipe

Create a team and invite your associates to join you

You can also create groups of members according to the different teams present in your company, examples: Commercial, Marketing, Human Resources etc ...

Create a team

What can you do with Tribly?

The members of your team validate in 1 click by Mail or on Slack

A confirmation request is sent by mail or private message on Slack to your collaborators before publishing, liking or sharing content

Learn more about Slack integration
Validation Mail ou Slack

Gamify the commitment of your employees

Tribly is designed to keep your team engaged through good-natured competition at the heart of your team. Employees can see how their social influence is in the company's rankings

Analyze the result of your actions

Measure the impact of your team and learn more about what works for your business on social media

Create a team

Improve your results with your team

Get your collaborators in the game and communicate together

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