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Use the network of your team to facilitate your recruitments

Allow your employees to help you find the next talents of your company, by offering him offers to post in 1 click

Why Tribly is important?

Gain visibility through the influence of your team

This is an example of a LinkedIn publishing campaign created by a human resources manager on Tribly

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Validation par Mail ou Slack

Your employees validate in 1 click

Once you've created the publishing campaigns, everyone on your team will receive an email or message on Slack to offer to post the offers on their behalf on social networks.

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" Tribly helps us efficiently activate our network of colleagues, without wasting time. "

Laeticia Lacombre - CHO ​​
at Digital Comet

Témoignages Ressources Humaines

Improve your results with your team

Get your collaborators in the game and communicate together

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