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Turn your employees into ambassadors with Slack

Tribly adapts to your work environment. Suggest to your team members to share, like, and post publications related to your business directly from Slack.

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Intégration Slack

Engage your team easily with one command

Tribly allows you to propose all members of your team, publications to share or like, simultaneously, directly from Slack.

To Share:   /trib_reshare [your link] To Like:   /trib_like [your link]
Partager une campagne sur Slack
Validation sur Slack

Your members validate in 1 click

Members of your team receive a private message allowing them to share or like their own company's publications with their own account.

By clicking on
I share it 🚀

Want to use the other features of Tribly?

When you create publications to post directly on the platform, your members receive in private message, the post to validate.

By clicking on
Publish on Twitter 🚀
Autres fonctionnalités Slack

How to connect Tribly to Slack?

Adding the Tribly app to your Slack takes only a minutes.

  • 1 Create a Trilby account
  • 2 Create a team
  • 3 Invite your team members to join you
  • 4 In the "Team Management" section add "Slack" as integration

Tribly works with the tools you already have

Enjoy 15 free trial days - No bank card 👌

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